Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Populi Plus Goes Bazaar

Late post from our Bazaar Featuring Komuter Ijo on Hijabee Fest 2012 August 3 - 4 at Gramedia Expo Surabaya.

Populi Plus together 26 participants, some of which are Artsy Craft, Kiyut Handycraft, Octoberies & Magnolia Felt Craft.

On this event populi plus gives post cards for free to anyone who passes in front of our booth. 

Here is the Postcard

Pouch Parade

Brooch , Hp Pouch and Keychain Parade

Our Stuff

Cute 'Kiyut' pin cushion

Yummy Felt Cake...

Angry Bird Money Box

Flowie Brooch

Our Booth on Hijabee Fest 2012

Love this Knitwork

Our Last Minutes Display

Artsy Craft Stuff
Look Around.........

Shop Around.........

Time To Take Pictures

Populi Plus with Octoberies, Kiyu Felt,  Reny Feltaholic Handycraft, Magnolia Felt Crafts, The Circus Clown, Kiyut Handycraft

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